2016-2017 Ducks

Jan 2, 2017

Jan2 2017Ducks



2014-2016 Ducks

 OpeningDayDucks thumb  JHJG  ducks2015 thumb  JBWKAL 12-23-15 thumb  JessicaH ducks 2016 thumb
 Early Season Fall 2014

 Johnnie and Jason

Dec 2015

John S, Will K and Austin L

Dec 2015

 Jessica H, Feb 2016 Youth


2013-2014 Ducks


jh_bandedduck_thumb jbnap_ducks_10-4-13_thumb pikeducks_thumb Pike Connor ducks thumb   

Johnnie with a banded

Wood Duck, Jan 2013

JB and AP dropping

ducks on 10-4-13

Pike H gets a limits of

wood ducks 

Pike and Connor team up

for late season ducks

  12-24-13Ducks thumb  JH JHducks thumb  JessicaDucks thumb  

Jason, Will, John Bryan and Alex team

up for Christmas Eve ducks and a goose

Johnnie and Jessica


 Jessica's first ducks

Feb 1, 2014 youth day



2011-2012 Seasons

matt_thumb marc_thumb 12-17kids_thumb 12-23ducks_thumb christian_web_thumb
Matt with some ducks Marc on a chilly morning Johnnie and the kids Johnnie ChristianT
marc_web_thumb matt_web_thumb photo1_thumb    
Marc B Matt T Johnnie and the girls    

2009 and 2010 Seasons

Ducks12_23_09 (Large).JPG (163393 bytes)
2009 Will P - 2010 Marc B - 2010 Matt T - 2010 Goose Marc B - In the swamp
Johnnie & the girls 12-18-10 The Stilley's 1-8-11      


2008 and older

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HerbBlackDuck.jpg (192191 bytes)        


Photos from 2016