2017-2018 BYLAWS

      Stillwater Hunting Club provides hunting opportunities for Deer, Turkey, Duck and other small game. Stillwater abides by all North Carolina game regulations. In addition, Stillwater has a higher set of standards for members and guests. Fines are applied to certain actions. All fines must be paid before the next hunt. Fines against guests are the responsibility of the sponsoring member and must be paid by that member before the next hunt.



Stillwater provides two distinct deer hunting opportunities. The "main farm" (including the Thrower Farm)  are under stricter management practices than the remaining properties. Aerial maps of each property are located at the club houses. It is our goal as a club to protect young bucks and allow them to grow. The following rules apply to each type of area.


Managed (QDM) Areas

          a) Bucks killed in the QDM areas must meet only one of these three criteria:

          1) The buck must be shoulder mounted.

          2) The buck’s antlers must measure 16" or wider on the outside of the main beams.

          3) The member pays $300 to the club.

          b) Two bucks per membership may be killed from the QDM areas (this includes bucks killed by the member and their family members) .

          c) Spikes less than 6" long (including button bucks) carry a fine of $50 for guests and members. This provision does not imply that shooting spikes is acceptable.

            d)   Does cannot be shot in the QDM areas in the month of December.

            e)   A pre-season trail camera survey will be performed annually in the first half of August to determine the overall dynamics of the QDM herd.  The maximum doe removal will be determined from the values calculated from this survey.

             f)    No does can be taken from the area surrounded by Rudd Rd, Drapers Rd, and Ringwood Rd except with Archery or Black Powder.


Unmanaged Areas

          a)   There are no specific size restrictions in the unmanaged areas, however, our goal is to protect young bucks.

          b)  The unmanaged areas are : Plumline, Ward, Sammy’s, Enfield , Mobile, and I-95



      All stands designated on the club maps are "club" stands and are on a first come first serve basis. All ladder stands, towers, tripods and box stands must be labeled on the club map with a sticker and are considered "club" stands and are on a first come first serve basis. ALL Lock-on’s, climbers or ground blinds must be located on the map with a sticker but cannot be hunted without the permission of the owner of the stand.  Each hunter must sign "in" and "out" at the sign-in book provided at the clubhouse.

      Members are responsible for each other’s safety. The next-to-last member signing out in the evening must wait for the last member to return to the clubhouse. A cell phone list will be posted at the sign in book to help with contacting members. Hunters leaving without signing out will be fined $25 (including guests).

          Morning Hunts – If you sleep or are present at the club you can sign in the night before, others can sign in upon arrival at the club in the morning.

          Afternoon Hunts – You may sign in after 12 noon if the morning hunter has signed out of that stand.



      Each deer taken must be recorded in the NC Wildlife Registration Book located at the main clubhouse.  Per the NC Regulations, deer must be checked in prior to skinning and quartering. Every buck taken must be photographed before skinning.  These photos will be added to the club website.



          a) It is your responsibility to dress and clean your kill.

          b) Dispose of deer remains in designated areas.

          c) Do not leave camp until your animal has been dressed, cleaned and properly disposed of.

          d) Deer are honorable animals and should always be treated with respect.



      All members must sign in and out for a general area at the clubhouse. Each bird killed should be registered by calling 1-800-IGOTONE



      All members must sign in and out for a general area at the clubhouse. 



          a) Available to all members throughout the year.

          b) Clean up all trash and turn off lights upon leaving.

          c) Place key back in location.

          d) Keep dishes, cups, glasses and utensils washed and out of the sink

          e) Keep all bottles and trash picked up from the yard.

          f) Each member must take ownership in the clubhouse and property by keeping it clean and safe.

          g) Lights out - 

                    Sunday thru Thursday - 11:00 pm

                    Friday - 12:00 am

                    Saturday - No limit

          h) Hunters less than 18 years of age must be accompanied by an adult during over night stays.

          i)   Bunks are on a first come first serve basis.

          j)  There will be no smoking in the clubhouses



          a)  Guests are not allowed until December 1st ( Family Members are NOT guests).

          b)  Guest fees are $25 per day, apply to all types of hunting and are the responsibility of the sponsoring member.

          c) All guests must be accompanied by a member.

          d) Guest fee box is located at the main clubhouse. Guest fees should be paid before you hunt.  

          e)  A guest is not allowed to shoot bucks at Stillwater.

           f)  A guest can only hunt three times per year.

          g)  A guest is defined as anyone other than the member’s immediate family.

         h)  "Immediate Family" members are defined as the member’s spouse, son, daughter, step-son, step-daughter or grandchild under 18 years old. Qualifying children over 18 must live with the member AND be enrolled in full time college.

          i)   A “paying family member” is an immediate family member (son, daughter, step-son, step-daughter or grandchild that is over 18 and is not the member’s dependent, i.e. not in college) that pays the $25 per day guest fee.  A “paying family member” is NOT a guest and enjoys the privileges of “Immediate Family”. Paying family members are limited to 3 days of hunting per year (same as guest).   

           j)   “Immediate Family” and “Paying Family” CAN shoot bucks on any Stillwater property. The two buck limit in the QDM areas includes bucks killed by these privileges. 



          a) The club's insurance policy protects the club and the land owners from liability for injury.

          b) This insurance does not cover member's expenses related to an injury.

          c) This policy does not cover ATVs that may be damaged, stolen or burned. All members leaving their ATVs assume all liability.



      All complaints regarding a breech of these rules and the NC Regulations must be submitted in writing or email to Steve Love . The complaint must be specific and signed by a paying club member. Disciplinary actions will be decided on a case by case basis.



          a) Paid member - Membership for one person and their immediate family. "Immediate Family" members are defined as the member’s spouse, son, daughter, step-son, step-daughter or grandchild under 18 years old. Qualifying children over 18 must live with the member AND be enrolled in full time college.

          b) New member - This is a first time member. New members are on probation for one year. Violation of any of the bylaws or NC Game Regulations constitutes termination of membership without refund.



      Pick up all empty shells, casings or trash after using the shooting range. No shooting is allowed after dark and no shooting prior to 2:30pm on Sundays.  Make an effort to confirm no one is hunting or plans to hunt in the stands near the clubhouse before target shooting. No shooting before 10am or after 3pm if hunters are present.



          a) Stay on paths.

          b) Do not ride on farmers crops or food plots.

          c) Do not fire your weapon while on a four wheeler.



      During hunting season, scouting is allowed on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. While scouting, you must sign in for an area or stand. Thursday, Friday and Saturday are reserved for hunting only. When visiting the properties during the off seasons, each member and guest must sign in and out for general areas/properties.



     Stillwater has assigned several members to a food plot committee. This committee is responsible for all activities related to planting and maintaining the food plots.



     The Stillwater Committee sets the dates for five work weekends per year. Members are required to attend at least three work days. The fine for missing a work day is $25 per day. Saturday is the workday, however, members not able to make the workday are allowed to perform work from a list of projects on Sunday.


2017 Work Days are Feb 4th, Feb 25th and Mar 18th.








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