Stillwater Application

If you would like to get your name on a list for 2014-15 openings, please submit an application located at the bottom of this page.


    Stillwater Hunt Club is currently searching for a few new members.  Potential members should thoroughly read and understand the club rules.  Potential members should also read through this website and view the pictures to get an understanding of what type of hunting club we are and to insure they are willing to abide by the rules.  Our members have voted on and agreed upon the rules as they exist.  If you do not agree with our rules, please do not apply.  Our memberships run from March 1st to the end of February of the following year.  Partial memberships are not allowed.  Our yearly dues are $1200/hunter with an additional $75 paid separately to the food plot committee.  New members must also pay a $100 initiation fee.  The dues covers year-round use of the club property. New members should be aware that we have some large tracts of land that are best utilized by owning an ATV.  However, a very large portion of our stands can be accessed by a short walk from your vehicle.


What we expect of all members (new and existing):

    Club members should be prepared to donate time to work at the club.  The amount of work that is required to keep up the club house, maintain trails, plant food plots and maintenance of over 70 club stands is staggering.  We are fortunate to have members that donate time each and every month of the year towards the maintenance of the club.  With this in mind, all members should be willing to sacrifice two or three Saturdays during the off season to help out.  We hope that our members and guests appreciate the cleanliness of every aspect of our club.

    Members should be willing to help out others when asked and should be willing to perform small tasks without being asked.  Members must be willing to accept sharing "club" stands with other members.  Many clubs have arguements surrounding stands and stand locations, however, at Stillwater Hunt Club we have found our method of providing a large number of "club" stands to be the best way to avoid these arguments.  Stillwater Hunt Club tries to insure that each and every hunter has a quality hunting experience.  This can only be accomplished if every member complies with the rules and acts in a sportsmanlike manner.


What members should expect from the club:

    A quality and fun hunting experience at a quality oriented hunting club.  As stated above, the dues cover year-round use of the property.  In addition to the items listed above we have first come first serve storage for ATV's and other gear ( it remains locked).  A covered skinning shed is adjacent to the storage barn and clubhouse.

    Your club dues will cover the following costs : the property leases (multiple property owners), club insurance, repairs to clubhouse, clubhouse utilities, and upkeep on club implements.  The food plot fund/committee is responsible for all aspects of food plots and supplemental feeding.  Small donations of lumber, building supplies, fuel, food, kitchen supplies and toiletries are not expected but are certainly appreciated.

    We are a still hunting only club.  Though it varies, we usually have about seventy "club stands" in the best areas of the properties.  The rules govern the use of stands.  The clubs adjacent to us are mostly stand hunting clubs though some of the properties do allow hunting with dogs.




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